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Online Puja

Online Puja Services, Yagna, and Homam Pooja from India: Since the Vedic occasions Pujas have been directed to adore, assuage, honor, and love the Divine. Pujas are an essential piece of Sanatana Dharma and Vedantic living. Some do it to love the Divine for their endowments and to moderate karma. Some do it as Puja customs structure a significant piece of Sankara's and Sattvik's living as recommended in old sacred texts. Others do it to look for Divine help for different advantages of wellbeing, abundance, thriving, and achievement, and still others to look for profound illumination and unity with the Supreme Consciousness (Brahman) or to look for Moksh (Salvation). Then again different occasions Pujas are done to look for His endowments and say thanks to Him for each